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Princess Sue | 23:48 Sun 21st May 2006 | Business & Finance
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I applied for a copy of my father's will - he died 7 years ago.. I sent a cheque for �8.00 - which has been cashed but have not received anything. This is over 4 weeks ago. The trouble is I can't remember where I sent the cheque! Answer Bank gave me the correct department - but I seem to have lost my copy of the paperwork please can you tell me where I applied to!! Thanks - brain giving up these days and memory is even worse!


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You probably sent it to the Probate Registry Office in York. It took 8 weeks to get my stuff back from them, so bags of time yet.
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Thanks for the answers - yes it was York - I remember it now! So will be patient.

Did not know about my profile button! Spent ages last night going backwards and reading loads of other questions

Thanks to both of you!

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Copy of old will

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