The One Account - off-setting your mortgage

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flipper162 | 19:24 Sat 22nd Apr 2006 | Business & Finance
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This is the first time I have used this site, so please bear with me.

I was just thinking about opening an account called The One Account - it looks good (its where one bank account is used for everything from your current account to your mortgage loans etc) but I was wondering if anyone had an account like this and could tell me if it has worked for them.

Many thanks in advance.


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I'm with (part of the Halifax) who operate on a similar basis, and I love it. I don't really get much benefit from off setting, but that's because I don't have a lot in resereve. However, I do like it all in one place because it is so easy to manage. I could say more but I'm going out. Whether you go to Virgin or If, or any others there nay be, I don't think you'll regret it.
It works as long as you are organised about your finances and do not invariably max out your credit.

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The One Account - off-setting your mortgage

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