�46,800.00 in 6 months? rubbish?

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houghtonnj | 22:38 Tue 11th Apr 2006 | Business & Finance
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I came accross a guy advertising on the internet claiming to be able to earn �46k in 6 months with an investment of �500 getting daily interest from the investment. Is this possible or is it as it good to be true? Are there companys out there that will pay daily interest rather than the measly 4% per year from the bank?

Heres what he says...

The company in the example is taken from has been trading online for over SEVEN years now, charges NO fees to join, NO fees on interest earned, in fact NO fees at all!! They are quoted in Forbes Magazine (The TOP American financial journal) as "has an excellent track record with 95%+ successful trades for the S & P 500. They follow a selection of successful, long standing trading systems (with verified results) and give trading signals when they are in sync, identifying high probability, low risk trading opportunities."

days/invested/day int/interest/rate

1 $500.00 $9.50 $509.50 1.9%
2 $509.50 $9.68 $519.18 1.9%
3 $519.18 $9.86 $529.04 1.9%
4 $529.04 $10.05 $539.09 1.9%
5 $539.09 $10.24 $549.33 1.9%
6 $549.33 $10.44 $559.77 1.9%
7 $559.77 $10.64 $570.41 1.9%
8 $570.41 $10.84 $581.25 1.9%


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If it seems too good to be true, it is.

Looks like a pyramid scam to me.

It looks like they are just scalping the S&P - firstly, if it's that good why share it, secondly, there is no mention of the risk to which you must expose your money - although it claims low risk trading there is no such thing. It could well be that you could lose the lot. One to avoid or at the very least spend a great deal more time researching before any dosh gets involved.
You answered your own question in your fourth line.

Yes it's the same "tried and tested" method that Nick Lisan used with Barings.

The example shown appears to depend on the portfolio share values increasing on a daily basis by nearly 2%. You don't have to work for an investment bank to know that in the real world that doesn't happen.

A wise investment however would be a pharmaceutical company with a drug on the cusp of FDA approval, that you know will gain approval. That kind of trading information is however known as insider dealing, which, unless you like prison overalls, is not recomended.
Dont get involved in it.

if there was such a way to earn thousands from �500 there wouldn't be any poor people in this world.
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�46,800.00 in 6 months? rubbish?

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