Checking old Premium Bond numbers (not holders numbers).

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Solarjunkie | 18:06 Wed 21st Dec 2005 | Business & Finance
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Is there anywhere I can check old Premium Bond numbers to see if they have won any money?

I know on the NS&! site you can check holders numbers, and last months big winners. I have seen in the past a huge list in the Post Office - is this available on line somewhere? Or still available in a Post Office? Thanks.


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There is a Premium Bond checker on the home page of NS&I and it does check past draws not just the last few. Just incase you aren't convinced, there also appears to be another site HERE where you can also check.
Or just google 'unclaimed premium bonds' and you get lots of links...
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Thanks CC - but those sites only work with the holder's number. I have spent some time googling, as you suggested - but keep ending up back at the NS&I site (including the second link you gave). As it says - To check for prizes you will need to enter your Premium Bond holder's number and not the individual Bond numbers.
So I'm still looking.
You can also check wins on teletext, but if I were you, I would simply write to National Savings, quoting your holders number. Ask for a list of recent wins. They will reply saying they can only go back 18 months, but this is just to put you off. In fact if you insist, they can go right back through your purchase history. I do this regularly because I recently had some mail go 'astray'. This is a polite way of saying it was stolen by thieves within the post office. When I asked for a list of recent wins, I found that I had 3 wins-2 of �50 and 1 of �500 which I had never received. I contacted National Savings BBC TVs Watchdog, BBC Radio 4s Money Box, and local radio, but couldnt find any interest. Nat Savings simply replaced the bonds, but my faith in the system is well and truly shaken. If the wins had been bigger, the postal thieves would no doubt have stolen more of my mail to assume my identity, and then opened up an account in my name. Bond win envelopes are readily recognisable. The cheques would then have been paid in and withdrawn, without me knowing a thing about it. As it was, I dont receive cheques, Ive elected to have more bonds in lieu, which are useless to thieves so the opened envelopes would simply have been discarded. Royal Mail spend millions on security every year, and many hundreds of workers are sacked or prosecuted for fraud. Only today there is a case on the news involving a gang of African asylum seekers who stole cheques in the London area, netting millions of pounds. The �500 win was the biggest Ive had and the fun of finding a cheque from out of the blue was totally lost. Premium bond can be a good investment, but National Savings are the sloppiest organisation there is. They may as well print 'YOU HAVE A WIN' on the outside of their envelopes!!! Dont let them away with a thing. Keep writing until you get satisfaction. And you DONT need to put a stamp on your envelopes as National Savings are UK treasury backed.
If you don't know your holder's number, you can write to them and they send you a new card with your number on. Then you can check for unclaimed prizes. That's what I had to do last year.
Hello SolarJunkie,

Did you ever get an answer to this question? We have some 12-year old premium bonds and are unsure where to go to find whether there's anything due to us...

Question Author
Sorry GG - still not found a list such as I mentioned. My own experience with NS&I was quite good - I wrote with my details as I didn't even know how many bonds I had, they supplied me with a holder's number & also sent me �50 I had won years ago. I was hoping to check numbers from old bonds belonging to other members of the family; we're not even sure whose they are!
Good luck.
How can i check a 49 year old premium bond???
I just tried searching for the lists and found nothing, so I sent them an email stating my situation. My bonds are low in value, but I've had them 55 years and won nothing, so lets see what response I get and I'll keep you all posted
I just tried searching for the lists and found nothing, so I sent them an email stating my situation. My bonds are low in value, but I've had them 55 years and won nothing, so lets see what response I get and I'll keep you all posted
perfikalgarve, am interested to know what reply you received as I am in a similar position with some old bonds.

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Checking old Premium Bond numbers (not holders numbers).

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