Americans Out Of Touch On Petrol Prices

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CrapAtCryptics | 15:18 Wed 06th Jul 2022 | Business & Finance
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$4.25 per gallon what a joke we are paying the equivalent of $10.40. Maybe if they drove smaller engined cars they`d get better mileage


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perhaps more of the money we pay goes to the government in tax than is the case in the USA?
Petrol/diesel prices vary widely across the world. No doubt some Americans feel hard done by. My guess is that the majority now drive cars similar to ours rather than the gas-guzzlers you see in 60s/70s movies.
an awful lot of them drive SUVs, same as here.
"...out of touch..."? In Ontario we are also complaining about the increase in the price of gas/petrol. We pay a lot less than you do in the UK, but why should we compare our prices to yours in the UK...We are complaining about the increase in our prices now to that of say one or two years ago.
did you use US gallons in your calculation?
Today's price, where I live, is $1.79/litre which is around 1.15 pounds.
As TTT reminds us, US gallons aren't as big as UK ones. (3.7854 litres, instead of 4.5461, due to the US gallon being 128 fluid ounces, whereas our is 160).

$4.85 per US gallon (which is the figure quoted in the link, rather than the $4.25 cited in CAC's post) is equivalent to $1.28 per litre which, in turn, is equivalent to £1.07 per litre.

I've just paid £1.89 per litre this afternoon, so our American cousins are paying about 43% less than we are but still moaning about it!

(To save Sanmac from having to reach for his calculator, £1.89 is equivalent to Can$2.94)
That's quite a difference in prices, Buenchico. I just heard on the radio that the price is going down by 12c/litre on Thursday.
//I've just paid £1.89 per litre this afternoon//
Luck you, Chris. I filled up yesterday at 2.44€ per litre! According to that's just over 2 quid.
^^^ I've forgotten which country you're in, TC. Perhaps you could remind me, and others here too, please?

The £1.89 per litre I paid today was at a supermarket, where the prices are generally significantly lower than independent garages (or, especially, motorway service stations). This particular supermarket's filling station is totally unstaffed (being 'pay by card' only), meaning that they're able to keep their prices relatively low.

Back in mid-June, one filling station in London was reported as charging £2.51 (€2.94) per litre:
Question Author
Most of the stations around here are £1.92 or 3 per litre.
//I've forgotten which country you're in, TC//
I'm in the Cradle of Democracy, Chris. :-)
You've reminded me that I really must call into M&S soon, TC ;-)

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Americans Out Of Touch On Petrol Prices

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