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Betty2000 | 23:50 Sat 18th Jun 2022 | Business & Finance
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I am in an independent living program that provides us with apartments in a public apartment building where even people who aren't in the program can live. The program charges my parents by the year not the month including vacations. When we have vacations like winter break they make us go home for an entire month but still charge for the apartment. Is it legal to not let someone live in an apartment but still charge them rent like as if it's a dorm?


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Welcome to The Answerbank, Betty2000.

Unfortunately though, I suspect that you might not be in the right place to get a meaning response to your question, as its wording suggests to me that you're in the USA.

This website is based in the UK, where our laws (both civil and criminal) are very different to those in your country. So what's legal, or not, in one country might be exactly the opposite in the other.

If my assumption that you're in the USA is correct, you probably stand a much better chance of getting a useful answer to your question on a US-based Q&A site, such as Quora

You might also need to keep in mind that any relevant legislation might vary from on state to another in your country. So it might be best if, when posting on Quora (or elsewhere), you say which state you're in. (Alternatively, you could try to seek out a forum which is specifically for residents of the relevant state).

I'm sorry that this post hasn't helped you directly but I hope that you'll find a relevant answer elsewhere as the result of my post.
you could look at the contract you or your parents signed, but whether it's legal will depend on the law where you are. My son was allowed to rent accommodation (in the UK) for only about 9 months - but he not only had to go home (so the accommodation could be rented out to summer schools) he had to take all his possessions with him, and bring them back when classes resumed. We got quite tired of loading his fridge into the back of the car several times a year.
Perhaps there is a a legal reason such as if it occupied for more than a certain continuous period then its housing type classification may change and thus incur higher rent and rates.

Perhaps the rent is for the 11 months but paid over 12 months - to ensure that there is a guaranteed tenant for the next rental period.

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Charging Rent

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