Is This Still A Mobile Home?

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HelloThere92 | 16:30 Sun 12th Jun 2022 | Business & Finance
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Originally built in 1975 but since placed on a .99 acre lot on full foundation with wheels axles and hitch removed, stripped to studs with interior partitions replaced with 2x4 construction new insulation and sheetrock, stick built addition and partially finished full walkout basement added. Is currently 4-5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, 2352 sq ft but can be more once basement is fully finished. However the home still sits on a partial metal frame from the trailer under the original structure.


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Well if it's got no wheels or axle how can it mobile
^^^ Very few mobile homes ever have wheels under them, Brian! They're usually moved on the backs of lorries, rather than being towed by them:

See the case law cited here, HelloThere92:

Must of been a huge trailer! Is that 2532 sq ft on one , 2 or 3 levels?
Are you in UK ?
‘Stick built’ suggests the USA.
I wandered that Zacs (sheetrock is not a term I know)...I ask because Benchico's links were on UK law but maybe thats no relvant
^^^ I too was rather confused. The use of 'lot', rather than 'plot' in the first sentence suggested US terminology to me but 'mobile home', rather than 'trailer home' seemed to contradict that assumption.

The Answerbank is based in the UK and, while we welcome questions from anywhere in the world, there are no regular contributors here with detailed knowledge of US federal and state laws.

If you're seeking a legal opinion (rather than purely subjective ones), and you're in the UK, my link above provides useful guidance on UK case law.

However if you're in the USA, you'll probably need to post on a US-based forum, such as Quora, in order to obtain a response that's relevant where you are.
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sheetrock is plasterboard.

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Is This Still A Mobile Home?

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