Will It Be Painful To Get A Hair Transplant Surgery?

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seanwood | 06:48 Wed 25th May 2022 | Business & Finance
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Turkey has become a world-famous place for expert hair transplant procedures and hair loss therapy.


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Be very wary and do your research.

One clinic was attaching rabbit skins claiming that from a distance it looked like hare.
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I considered the procedure when I started going bald. But instead settled for a lot of little rabbits tattooed all over my bald head.
I've been told that from a distance they look like hares.
Wish I'd posted something like that, Sandy, missed a sitter there. ;-)
I wonder if the poster has a helpful link to a good hair transplant place in Turkey.....
Great minds think alike, or is it fools seldom differ? :-))
Friend's husband (who is Turkish) flew back for a transplant. No idea if pain was involved but it looks good.
very painful and remember they do grow again like normal hair - it's not forever (well as far as I know).

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Will It Be Painful To Get A Hair Transplant Surgery?

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