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Bazile | 14:12 Sun 22nd May 2022 | Business & Finance
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Have you ever made a withdrawal from a cash point , where you know that it is not giving a cash withdrawal receipt ?


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I don't usually get a receipt anyway.
they only end up littering the floor around the machine!
Yeh many a time!
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So what if an incorrect , amount is shown on your statement later ?
You have no proof of what you took out

I can understand if you didn't realise it was not giving receipts -but why would you use one knowing it wasn't giving receipts ?
I've never ever asked for a receipt.
I've never taken a receipt, never had a problem. I can't see that the receipt would help - if you asked for £100 the receipt would show £100 even if the machine gave you £50.
The withdrawal shows on my app almost immediately
I never get a receipt, it shows immediately in online banking. The receipt is not proof of anything, even if the cash amount is wrong, there would only be your word for it.
I rarely draw cash these days - almost always pay by card. I've had the same 35 quid in my wallet for about 6 months.
BAZILE, if the receipt showed a different amount from what was requested, why would the software not deduct the same amount from your account?

Has an incorrect amount ever shown up on your account?
yes, all the time I never ask for a receipt, in fact it's one of the annoying things about cash machines, receipts littering near by. Why would you want a receipt?
What's cash?
these days I hardly ever even log in to my bank, it's all automatic. I can't comprehend how people obsess about all this stuff, gawd there was someone on here the other day saying they pay their lecky bill by cheque! Un-kin-believable.
hoppy, cash=bangers and mash! It's what you need when the card machine stops working in the battle cruiser!
Pay gas and lecky by cheque
British Gas by themselves stopped sending me letters and charged me by email - and then said - "you're late! that is an extra £20 !"
which like a tit I paid - and checked with my next paper bill
( Karen mcClintock please note)
and I wasnt !

They had just whacked £20 on - because they thought I would be late ! So I clawed it back, and they did it again
( assuring me KC that she gave the highest possible level of service)
Then they put £80 in a suspense account because they didnt know the cheque was from me ( they said)[you may have to think about that one] - oh yes defaulted again....

Cheques are the only way to deal with this lot.
I have never known an ATM to be wrong
card eaters yes
but 20 shown as 100 - never.

so always seems to fail in a safe condition.
> So what if an incorrect , amount is shown on your statement later?

That's never happened to me. Let's suppose you got a receipt though, for the amount you asked for, but the cash you got was less than that amount? What would you do? (BTW that's never happened to me either)

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