Akshata Murthy (Mrs Richi Sunak) - Non Dom Tax Status

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barney15c | 11:09 Thu 07th Apr 2022 | Business & Finance
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Surely as she lives in the UK permanantly she shouldn't have Non Dom Tax status. The rules are designed for people who do not live in the UK full time, she does. Surely she should be living in India for a certain amount of time each year to be eligible for non-dom status? This doesnt appear to be the case.


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//However, a spokeswoman for Ms Murty assured that she pays all tax that is legally required in the UK.

The non-dom status is lawful and it is understood Ms Murty pays foreign taxes on her overseas income//
Is she the first millionaire to whom rules don't actually apply that you've come across, barney?
Question Author
Well the first one married to a serving Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Reesh leddy
she is non dom for her indian income and pays income tax there on the indian income

uvva times, you pay it all in England and India gets none - hey foo dat not right - - Lehman Bros what went bust, used to sweep all income for the day over to The Land of the Free at 1700 GMT and so when they WENT bust the cupboard was bare.

god didnt the brits squawk over that one

Tax treaties say you pay once - Boris got screwed over NY income ( CGT I think)which is payable in NY wherever you are - be you high or low, poor or King ( cue Prince Andie mzak)
// the first millionaire to whom rules don't actually apply //
well as they are finding wivda russians yeah, they dont actually own the loolah. Shell companies do ( that pay corporation tax according to complex rules).

not worf it unless your 'income' is over £5m
per year that is !

Daddy ay ploo reesh ( French for "has more money")
I expect she pays all the legally requred taxes the same way Amazon does, out of the petty cash tin.
why do multi-millionaires with more money than they can spend bother to try to save on tax?
We need more rich people. They buy things, pay taxes and employ people. This sad, Leftie mock outrage is childish.
Britain plays host to lots of non-dom billionaires -half of Belgravia is owned by them- & the laws of the land make it almost impossible to trace their identities, because they employ the smartest lawyers money can buy.

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Akshata Murthy (Mrs Richi Sunak) - Non Dom Tax Status

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