Fine For Late Tax Return.

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malagabob | 08:16 Thu 07th Apr 2022 | Business & Finance
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My son just had a £100 fine for not submitting his tax return. I understand it must be submitted by either beginning or end of Jan.
Up until February of this year he was employed “ on the books “ for 2 and a half years. March he left the job and retuned to self employment with an agency.. shouldn’t his old employer have submitted his tax return. Thanks.


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no, tax returns are for the individual not the employer. The tax return for the 20-21 tax year should be in by end of Jan 22, that's nine months, he had plenty of time.
Tax return? Not since the early '80s if not earlier.
Just to clarify - he got fined for submitting his 2020 - 2021 return late, even though he was employed by a company until Feb 2022?

Something not quite right here. Was he employed by the firm on a self employed basis, in which case he is responsible for submitting his own tax return?
If he was an actual employee of the firm, he should have received wage slips with proof of tax and NI payments made by himself and his firm - does he have these? If not, I'm guessing he was employed by the firm on a self employed basis?
it is clear that as s/e he has to send in his own tax return
his employer wont know diddly squat about child benefit, three wives the house in ethpanya and so on

the employer will have paid NIcs at the old rate and income tax PAYE according to his PAYE code.

"I didnt know honest" = automatic admission of negligence and he has to pay a fine for being negligent
(or else no one of us wd get fined)

Nothing is certain except for death and taxes. - A Lincoln
this is a third party inquiry and it doesnt surprise me if the facts er change
(I knew I had to do it but I didernt)
Malagabob - can you confirm if he was an employee or self-employed please?/

Peter Pedant - I've never heard that saying (nothing is certain in life but death and taxes) being attributed to Lincoln. I thought it was Benjamin Franklin??
you will have to review the letters from HMRC
fight thro 'I didnt get them yeah?' and "I froo them away, crap day were"
they will have identified an undisclosed source of income....

that is - EVEN if he were employed and he did foreigners he er wd have to declare it, ( source of income)

honestly we re guessing here
I got fined over bliddy student loans, and two years they have told me I over paid....
Hi Giz nice to hear from you !
i googled it just before - a certain A Lincoln
but it si so good that I can imagine a few ghosts insisting 'me me me!'

I was foo-fooed in 1980 over income and working in Egypt - I wasnt paid (dr on arche site) , so how cd HMRC deem I had an undeclared income?

oh mumsie had written and told them ! - why how muxh when ( o I didnt keep the letters!)

my "understanding" although that's probably putting it too strongly(!) is that once oyu have ever submitted a tax return you have to continue ad infinitum, even if your sole income is PAYE'd
^^^ unless you have told them you dont and they agreed
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Gizmonster, he was an employee. Not employed on a self employed basis.
That might be his problem that he was once self employed and so remains on their radar. unless he has confirmation from the Tax Office that they have recorded his change to PAYE status they will be thinking he is still earning in addition to the job he had. He has to contact them for a solution.
Question Author
Maydup. But this is the first time he’s been fined for late submission in the last 2 and a half years of being an employee?

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Fine For Late Tax Return.

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