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bobbinwales | 16:10 Thu 24th Feb 2022 | Business & Finance
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I just typed a good long answer to the question about best terms to pay for a motorbike. And then question seemed to dissapppear? Did I dream it? Was it spam rather than a homework money question???


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The guy asked about a dozen questions in rapid succession.
Question Author
Okay. I'd of tried to help with those aswell. Never mind.
The account was briefly suspended to stop the spam, which grew to at least 25 questions. As an unintended side-effect, all the previous posts were deleted.
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Thanks. We often get the same question asked 25 times by the same poster in News but I suppose that's over a 25 day period
This time, each seemed to be a separate question, and they were interesting in themselves. I'd quite like to have been able to answer some of them myself.

Still, if an account manages to post questions of such length at that rate, it's hard to see how it was possible other than by some automation.

Anyway, this thread will also likely be deleted shortly, under the rule about not asking about deleted threads.
Question Author
Yes thanks Jim I'm sure mine will go to. Posting lots of questions is easy though.... just open say 6 tabs at once paste questions in and send. Many of our cbd gummy spanners do it using the same MO posting 2 at once

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