Anybody Know A Hiring Agency/Firm Specifically In The Tech Niche Based In The Uk

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JanineQs | 15:35 Fri 14th Jan 2022 | Business & Finance
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Hello all!

I'm in dire need of help as this is really not within the scope of my expertise. I've been basically re-skilled at my company since I wanted to work from home to avoid exposing my newborn to covid. From being an IT specialist for our servers and security system in the office–I've been staffed as a subsidiary of the HR for the IT department. Basically, I handle the contractual IT hires now. I'm in charge of assessing whether an IT freelancer/contractual is a fit for a specific project.

See, as ironic as it may sound, I'm terrible at any form of social media. HR is teaching me how to use LinkedIn recruiter something, and for the life of me, I just cannot bloody comprehend it. So, I've been keen on trying to outsource this part of my job instead. Interviews are no big deal and I can manage, I was looking to work with either a business or individual hiring manager that is preferably based in the UK or anywhere else that didn't have a drastic timezone difference so that communication is easy.

I've found a company called DistantJob ( which, quite frankly is precisely what I need. Sadly, they are based in Canada and I tend to work towards the evening so it might cause time constraints.

I'm open to any suggestions! I've also asked this question in other forums like Quora but have gotten no solid answer yet–tysm!



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Anybody Know A Hiring Agency/Firm Specifically In The Tech Niche Based In The Uk

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