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thelewisgang | 22:22 Fri 12th Nov 2021 | Business & Finance
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I have been with my bank for 25 plus years and never had a problem until a couple of months ago.

On 31st August I was contacted by my bank to ask if I had used my debit card for two purchases. A third attempt to use my card was made but it flagged up as unusual transactions. I spoke to their fraud department and informed the first amount of just over £7 was made, then another of £185 to a luggage company in California (I am in the UK). I had these amounts re-credited to my account. My card was then stopped and a new one issued along with a new pin. They said they would make enquiries and would i be happy to cooperate with this and possibly the police. Of course, I said.

Towards the end of September this happened again and after speaking at length to their fraud department another new card/pin was issued. It was obviously an inconvenience waiting for them to arrive as I couldn't withdraw funds for my day-to-day purchases or withdraw money. I questioned about this happening twice in just a few weeks but was told these criminals are very clever and they have no idea how my card details had been stolen.

Yesterday I was contacted again. Someone had attempted to use my CREDIT card this time for a purchase of £169. It was declined as once again it was thought as suspicious. After a long chat with their fraud department, I was told a new card would be sent along with the new pin number several days later.

My cards are always in my possession and never given to anyone. I have recently used my credit card online for my car insurance something I have done for years without a problem. My laptop anti virus/scans are always clear, including Malware.

I am obviously concerned this might happen again seeing as this is the 3rd time in around 10 weeks but the bank seem happy to just issue new cards.

Maybe I should consider changing my bank or ask them to look into this fraud further. I really do not know what to do. I would add that the two new debit cards issued had different numbers and the 3 digit security number on the back changed. Any advice would be welcome. Thank you


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You might consider closing the account that has been fraudulently used and transfer the balance to a new account. No need necessarily to change banks.
Question Author
Thanks for your reply
I would be seriously thinking of changing banks. It sounds suspiciously like they are leaking.
Or maybe the leak comes from your car insurance company
your bank's doing pretty well if they've caught this both times and refunded the money. (Does the credit card come from the same bank?)

I suspect you've just been unlucky.
That was the credit card. There have been two different debit card frauds, and that can't be down to the insurance company.

Does anyone ever get sight of the reverse side of the cards, lewisgang?
I was cloned and used this

for as long as they would let me - two years I think.
You are buying double the fol-de-rol but it useful having a dodgy card flag when you use it as it makes it less likely a fraudster will use it as well - and I haent been cloned since
Is there a common denominator? Have you used all 3 cards in the same place, there could be someone dishonest working there who has a card skimmer and is copying customer cards. Alternatively a web site where you have your card details stored to make purchases has been hacked, either way as soon as you use/update card details they have access to the information again.
Go to a different bank, simple
Question Author
jno, yes, both debit and credit cards are with the same bank.
Hopkirk, no one sees my cards so no chance anyone can see the reverse. I rarely use my credit card and if I withdraw cash, I try to obtain it from over the counter at the post office
ubasses, I rarely use my debit or credit card anywhere as I withdraw cash from the post office counter for general use. I never tick the box on websites asking if I want my details "kept for next time".
I appreciate all your replies. Many thanks

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