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eve1974 | 14:52 Wed 13th Oct 2021 | Business & Finance
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To work out the total yearly salary at:

£7 ph for 2 months
£8.30 ph for 10 months

Ps i know it’s under minimum wage but just for the maths / sum part let’s ignore that


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Would need to know how many hours worked per day/week.
How many hours and days per week?
well we need to know the number of hours per week but really it's a matter of multiplication, you must have done that at school.
nothing wrong with checking your maths - quite often you'll se a maths question on here where 2 or three different answers are given!
I've never seen a maths question on here. Seen a lot of basic arithmetic questions mind.
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40 hours.

And TTT yes i did maths at school but failed it every year. Useless!

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40 hours over 5 days
i am just pointing out that even the most perfect of us dont get it right all the time!
so 10months = 10/12*52*40*8.3=14387
+ 2 months = 2/12*52*40*7 = 2427
= £16814
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Thanks x
What TTT says altho it might be slightley diffrent depending on what the start date is as the 2 months at the lower rate of £7 per hour could be long months like July/August or short one's like Febuary

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