Posting Vital Docs

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Scarlett | 14:00 Thu 26th Aug 2021 | Business & Finance
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I need to post some precious documents to the Highlands. What is the best way of insuring that they get there for definite?


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The only way you can be sure that the documents will reach their destination is to deliver them yourself. What is the first part of the postcode?
Even the tracked and signed for mail goes missing occasionally. The Royal Mail 'special delivery guaranteed' is a safer option for important documents or you could use a document courier service which is going to cost more.
ask for recorded delivery in the post office - they'll get there ok -
Recorded Delivery is now called 'Signed for'.
you say tomAtoes - I say tomaaatoes - same thing Zacs and I;m sure the post office would know that.
I'd go with Special Delivery
when I send money to siblings etc - it is always Recorded Delivery but the only thing the receiver has to be at home to receive and sign for it.
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Thanks all. The postcode is IV26 So no chance of me hand delivering!
Royal Mail 'Signed For' (previously 'Recorded Delivery') should definitely NOT be used for important documents. Packages AREN'T tracked but are simply sent with the ordinary mail. The only point of using the service is to get a signature from the recipient when it arrives. During Covid times though, Royal Mail aren't actually obtaining such signatures; the postie simply signs to say that he/she has delivered the package.

'Special Delivery Guaranteed' (formerly 'Registered') is what you need. Packages are kept separate from regular mail and fully tracked throughout their journey.
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Thanks Buen. I'll look that up!

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Posting Vital Docs

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