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smurfchops | 20:24 Mon 26th Jul 2021 | Business & Finance
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Do eBay have an email address? I have a complaint. Any idea why I have been made by eBay to have all my sales paid into my bank, when I would prefer to be paid into my PayPal account like I used to? Can I change this back? Seems odd as I can still use PayPal to buy stuff.


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eBay used to own PayPal but the companies parted ways in 2015. eBay started to transition away from using PayPal for making payments to sellerss in 2018, with the split being finalised on 1 June this year. From that date, it's no longer possible to receive payments through PayPal:

So there's little point in trying to contact eBay, as the new system applies to everyone.
nope, I have stopped selling on Ebay for this reason.
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But I can still,use PayPal to buy stuff, doesn’t make sense .
^^^ eBay was having to pay PayPal for handling their 'payments to sellers' system. It's cheaper for them to just pay regular bank charges, and thus get the money directly to your account, so they ditched PayPal for 'incoming' funds to customers.

eBay doesn't have to pay PayPal anything for you making purchases through them, so they're happy to allow the existing arrangement in that respect to continue.
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But there are plenty of companies on eBay who are still allowed to take PayPal payments from me, so why can’t I use PayPal as a payment method?
Are you saying your buyers can't pay using PayPal, smurfchops? They should be able to
You can still use PayPal as a payment method:
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No my buyers can’t use PayPal. eBay made me start using my bank account for payments a few months ago, which l don’t want to do.
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If other sellers can use PayPal why can’t I ??
I really don't know. Have you logged out of your eBay account and looked at your listing? What are the options to pay?

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