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Bobbisox1 | 11:56 Tue 06th Jul 2021 | Business & Finance
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We paid £3,332 to Hays travel last year for a holiday that kept getting cancelled, I got two payments back of £332 & £1,354 which left £1,646 but then Hays took £100 of that for admin charges
Hays say it been processed on the 29th June , a payment of £1,546, the agent sent me a screenshot, the money hasn’t reached my bank so I’ve had to raise a dispute which I don’t even know if I’ll get it back


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Hi Bobbs. Quiet here. I keep putting jobs off.
We had travel booked for last year that was cancelled. One trip was transferred to this year and that was subsequently cancelled too. We got our money back with no hassle whatsoever - and no administration charges either.
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I asked about the admin fee, it was to do with changing dates so many times which I can’t accept as it wasn’t our fault re the dates, we had to keep changing because of government guidelines

At this point I wouldn't be that worried, it's only 3 working days. When we had a refund from a travel company they told us it could take 5 - 10 working days to get to our account after processing. I'd have thought they would have told you that.
What sort of dispute have you raised?
I agree with Prudie......
Did you decide to cancel and pick another date because of government guidelines? If so, I guess the company regards it as your choice and therefore I can understand them imposing an admin charge.

In our case the companies cancelled so refunded us without any problems at all.
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Prudie, today was the last day before raising the dispute , just because they say it was processed on the 29th I’d been waiting a month before that anc I know it can take 3-5 working days
Barry my bank HSBC is disputing HAYS travel on my behalf tk get the money which ghey say they’ve paid
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Yes we changed dates so in a way I understand the admin fed Naomi
Then I think you've put in a typo, 29th June was last Wednesday?
Tuesday even?..
This is only the 5th working day since June 29th.
only last week, I'd give them a few more days.

And if you don't want to pay admin fees, wait for them to cancel their holidays. If you do it yourself, that's your choice and you pay for it.
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JD ,Hays messaged me yesterday first thing asking had I got my refund, otherwise I’d have been happy to wait it out , she said it had been processed and it should have been in my bank by yesterday, I said it wasn’t and she advised me to call my bank they had no such transaction which triggered them to raise a dispute against Hays travel,miraculously enough the money was in my account this morning which now I need to call ( India) to tell them to quash the dispute which I didn’t want in the first place

Jno, dates were changed because of government guidelines but I blame myself for not reading the small print and fully understand why admin fees were incurred
Pleased you've got your money back - one less thing to worry about
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Thing is,I never gave it a second thought Barry till the agent called me saying the money was signed off and best if I rang my bank, trying to get make someone in Delhi ;0) understand was quite frustrating

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