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Barquentine | 16:52 Sun 11th Apr 2021 | Business & Finance
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My wife bought shares in Oxford Biomedica in 2001. To work out what they are worth do we multiply the number of shares on the certificate by today's price? Or - because I have a vague memory there have been subdivisions/splits/rights issues or whatever they call them since then, is it more complicated to work the value out? Also - should my wife have ever received an annual dividend? She has never heard from the company or received any dividends. She just bought these shares and forgot about them.


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Any change due to divisions etc would be reflected in the re-issue of an appropriate certificate, so number on certificate times price (less broker commission) is the return you will get providing you do have the latest certificate. Not all Companies issue dividends.
I've just checked, they do not appear to be paying dividends at the moment.

You don't say when in 2001 they were bought - the price fluctuated considerably that year, but the current price (2008p) is below the 2001 year prices (it varied between 1410p and 2960p that year).

I am surprised you're not getting AGM material each year unless held in a nominee account (in which case I don't think you would get a share certificate) or elected not to.

[Be aware, I'm not an expert]
Ooops, current price 1008p, not 2008p
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Thanks Canary42. I found they had a 1:50 stock split in 2018 so she got 9 shares for the 462 she held. So at Friday's closing price of 1,006p they're worth £90.54 whereas she paid £290 for them. Thanks for your help.

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Oxford Biomedica Shares

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