Buying A Property With Occupants

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Ric.ror | 12:41 Tue 02nd Mar 2021 | Business & Finance
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The neighbours of my rental property have been given notice to leave their property. They told my tenants that they have lived there over 8 years and never been in any arrears. I am trying to find out why they landlords want them out - if it’s for selling I would be interested in taking the property with the tenants already in
What would anyone suggest would be the best way forward?
Thanks in anticipation


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Speak to the landlord if you know who they are
the only way
Knowing my luck, the minute I buy house they'll get into arrears!
I can't see a way forward, if there isn't a for sale board up, other than that you would be interfering in that landlords business I would think.
a tentative inquiry asking if the property is for sale doesn't seem invasive to me

I get them all the time from estate agents. I live on a nice little estate and people are often seeking to move here so local estate agents drop notes through the doors of the size that they have enquiries about...some are just to try and generate business but some are real. I would think an enquiry passed throught the tenant would be the way to go or get the landlord's details and approch them yourself.
Normally landlord will only end tenants lease if they want to live in the property themselves, refurb and relet for a higher rent, convert into flats or sell. No problem with you asking landlord IMO, as if it's for sale, you will save him / her estate agents fees.
I think the best way forward would be to mind your own business really. If the Landlord wants to sell, then a board will go up and you can put an offer in. For all you know he may have passed away.
APG, but asking at this point might save people having to move out
You don't have to remove tenants to sell a property. In fact, there is now a healthy market for properties with good long-term tenants in situ. The Landlord or his Estate want the house empty for a reason, that reason being of no business to the OP what-so-ever.
APG, I cannot see any problem in enquiring if it's for sale.
the landlord will be named on their notice to quit and so you can getit from them
nobody is asking for the owenwer to give reason just asking if its for sale
Question Author
The thing is the letting agent is also an estate agent so they’re not likely to want to miss out on the commission for a sale are they

//some are just to try and generate business but some are real//

Could you clarify please ?
baz do you not get them where you are? When the market is slow, our local estate agents put stuff through the door saying "we have several clients looking for houses like yours in this area" please contact for more information and a free no obligation valuation" The ones more likely to be real are much more targetted and will say that they have an enquiry from a client for a house/bungalow on xxxxx with xxx bedrooms. Please contact us for more information. These are usually addressed to "resident/homeowner" and the house address.
Here's what I'd do in your situation, Ric.ror:

1. Find out the name and address of the property owner by forking out three quid here:

2. Write to the property owner, roughly as follows:

"Dear Mr Bloggs,

I understand, from Land Registry records, that you are the owner of 21 Acacia Avenue, Sometown, which I further understand is currently occupied by rental tenants.

Should you be considering the sale of this property, I would be pleased to make you an offer for it thus, hopefully, enabling you to effect a quick sale and also allowing the current tenants to remain in their home.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully"
No harm at all in asking the landlords if they are selling. it might save them estate agents' commission and you could ask for a modest discount on that basis. Don't forget the 3% SDLT surcharge- still effective even though there is a stamp duty holiday for the "usual" duty - this may well be extended to end of June; keep an eye on the budget statement tomorrow!
Question Author
Ok - firstly thank you for your answers
I found the name of the owner but not the address. In the meantime the current tenant told someone the owner wants to sell the property. Now if I contact the letting agents who are also estate agents - they’re not likely to want to forego a selling fee or are they?

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Buying A Property With Occupants

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