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tamborine | 11:04 Fri 19th Feb 2021 | Business & Finance
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Have you paid in a cheque online?


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Yes. It was really easy with the app. It takes a photo of the chq and that’s it about it.
Cheque? What is this witch craft?
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gmorning sqad. It photos front of cheque ok but cant photo back. Was it a faff for you?
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tora - post office sent cheque
No dead easy as rocky has said.
I've paid cheques into Halifax using their app with no problem (think there's a limit of £500 in one cheque). Not sure why you'd want a picture of the back of a cheque, there's usually nothing on there?
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rocky, got front ok but back was left/right/up/down then time up & threw me out
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numbers are on rear
What numbers are on the back of a cheque?
don't they get stamped on the back when they've been cashed/deposited?
yes loads of times
the backs of the cheques I have paid in were all blank but they still wanted an image. I find its a knack, once you have got the knack it works faster and more easily...not sure if which bank makes a difference, mine is lloyds
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7 numbers. Maybe Royal Mails roll number but bank asks for photo
Yes they do, dave, as you say when they are deposited. My cheques are blank on the back and so are the ones I receive. I didn't know some companies stamp the back when they issue a cheque

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