What Are The Age Limits For Holding Shares?

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bigbas | 16:07 Mon 08th Feb 2021 | Business & Finance
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I am considering providing shares for my grandchildren aged 14 and 10 years old
There are shares for a well known supermarket where I am offered shares instead of cash


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I think they need to be 18 to own shares. Maybe put them in a trust?
There is nothing in law, as far as I remember, saying that under 18's can't own shares but it is not straightforward so most (if not all) large Companies have it written into their Constitutions banning it.
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Thank you Bienchico
read the article
thanks BC

the question is not whether it is lawful for lyttel childer to own shares but is it a useful tax avoiding measure

and - no it isnt or else we would all do it - the kids would be provided for by Daddy and have large share holding portfolios

we dont

the tax is assumed by the trustee who pays - and so not surprisingly there is no tax advantage in doing this see above - - and this we kinda always knew

the trust as a tax avoiding measure in IHT has largely had its day
( Judge booga-looga in some tax case)

You have to pay for good taxx avoiding advice - and basically sell up and give the money to your kids and live for 7 y is the best.
My 3 year old has share in her Junior ISA. Has done since she was 6 months!

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What Are The Age Limits For Holding Shares?

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