Static Mobile Home Purchase

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eve1974 | 12:27 Tue 26th Jan 2021 | Business & Finance
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We are considering buying a static mobile home / lodge.

What sort of questions would you ask the park? What pitfalls do we need to avoid?

This would be to rent out as holiday lets and also to use ourselves for weekender breaks.

We’ve seen one we like the look of and These are the things (so far) we’ve thought to ask:

Are we allowed to rent out (yes)
Do they arrange renting / cleaning for you for a fee (yes)
How long is the season (11 months)
Are pets allowed (yes)
How long is the ground rent (54 years)

Still to ask:
What are the monthly levies?
Is there a management company that runs this?
If so, what happens if the owners are unhappy with the state of the park (ie mismanagement)
What happens if the individual site erodes (it’s on the edge of coast)
What happens if the owners of the park go bust?


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Are you free to use it or rent it anytime or does the site have the right to rent out your mobile too?

Whats the commission on the rent if the site rents it for you?

How much is the council tax?

Can you sell it to anyone when you want to sell, or only via the site agent?

What are the Site Rules around noise, vehicles, etc?

How old is the mobile home?

Ask to see the park licence.

Is it a static or a lodge, two different things.
Can you afford to lose money by buying it? As soon as you buy it it starts to depreciate, you’ll never make money on it. Even renting it out.
Is it close enough to home so it doesn’t become a pain to get there for a week end?
If the site is in any danger of being eroded, personally I wouldn’t touch it with a huge very long barge pole.
Don’t rush into it. Sleep on it again and again and again.
Look up the site on the internet.
There should be no council tax on any static caravan or lodge on a holiday park in the UK
What are the yearly increases on any ongoing fees that you have to pay – are they fixed to inflation RPI/CPI or totally at the discretion of the park owner/operator?
If should want to sell in the future can you sell it on the open market?
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those are all great things to ask - thank you everyone!

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Static Mobile Home Purchase

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