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Prudie | 18:18 Thu 21st Jan 2021 | Business & Finance
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If you make a one-off or occasional purchase from an online seller are they actually allowed to store your credit card details for future purchases without you asking for them to save it?


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good question - I don't think it's allowed under EU data protection laws, but I don't know what the position here is now.
Not as far as I know. They need to keep it for a certain amount of time (in a secure server and encrypted) such as when you buy a ticket which is then refunded at a later date but for future purchases, you are supposed to give your permission for that.
For major sellers, stores etc. you are asked if you want your card details saved. I don't usually use independent sellers but I would not have thought the tree digit security number would be saved
It can all be saved (including the 3 digit security number) but only if you give your permission.
There is something called payment gateway that prevents shops from initiating online frauds. Payment gateways are registered at a legal license, so if there is a scam, the victim has right to file a complaint against the payment gateway.
I pay as much as I can via PayPal. I don’t need to give out my details then.
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I have searched google myself and still can't find a definitive answer
My answer was only from the data protection training that we have to do every year. I don't know what Google says but no, they can't use store your payment details for future payments unless you consent to that.
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I am going to pursue investigating but this is the background:
I had to but a one-off unusual item for work from a UK website with my work credit card. I checked out as a guest. No problem with the item but now a couple of months later I had a call from their sales team pushing a quarterly catalogue that came with discounts. I would have 14 days from the first free issue to cancel and thereafter would be £18 odd taken from my card details per quarter. At this point I said how come you have my card details you're not supposed to save them and the response was 'that's the way we work'. I don't know if they legitimately can.
Prudie, as I understand your post you would have had to sign up for the new offer and that would mean entering the card details again.
This is from the Guardian, March 2009.
//Alarmingly, according to the Association of Payment Clearing Services, companies can keep customer card details indefinitely, provided that they are stored safely and not misused. \\

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Online Sellers Saving Card Details

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