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kanwal3017 | 19:23 Wed 13th Jan 2021 | Business & Finance
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If my mother is still capable of making financial decisions and is aware of everything of what is going on despite a stroke do I need to apply for Court of Public Protection to use her money


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As she has full mental capacity, there is no need. As she has had a stroke it might be a good idea for her to draw up a Power of Attorney which she would retain and could then be brought into use should the situation change.
In the meantime, if she wishes to give you any money, she can either do a bank transfer or hand you a cheque.
ubasses, it relates to this question

I don't think that the OP is in the UK
When my late mother was reaching this stage, I organised lasting power of attorneys for her but managed not to invoke their use.

I managed her finances - I had her bank card pin number and withdrew money to cover the cost of her weekly shop, and printed her signature on the household utility bill cheques (back then she had not set up direct debits to cover such things).
Thanks woofgang, if that is the case Kanwal will need to make in enquiries in his home country.
Reading the link, I get the feeling that the Solicitor needs to confirm the mothers wishes and that she has the mental capacity to gift the money.
yes...and that whether or not she has mental capacity, no undue pressure or trickery has been applied :(
Yes :-)

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