Benefits Confusion

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Smowball | 17:02 Wed 13th Jan 2021 | Business & Finance
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One of my friends has had to give up her job due to medical reasons, and even though her and her husband have savings ( money left to her when her mum died) and her husband works full time, she still feels bad not contributing to the household. Would she be entitled to claim any kind of benefits?? I’ve looked online for her but it’s not very clear. I know it depends on how much in savings, and certain things aren’t counted as assets but does anyone here have a bit more knowledge on this area?? TIA.


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No one can tell you definitely what she can claim as it depends on so much use the calculator
She should try an online benefits calculator, They should also contact their utilities. Some have low income support schemes like the Severn Trent big difference scheme where even households with two adults working may qualify for a discount.
If the medical reasons are continuing to prevent her from working, this might be a good place to start:

Your friend will need to work out whether, for example, she might be eligible for PIP (which isn't means-tested) or only UC (which is means-tested).
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Thanks guys - I’ll show her those links and see if it helps x
As she had to leave her job for medical reasons could she claim her work pension early?
Citizens advice might be able to advise Smow!

Ps: thinking of you xx
It's her husband, I thought everything should be joint.

My partner earns about 90% of our income but I do all the house keeping. In his eyes it makes us equal because he hates housework (except vacuuming, he quite enjoys that)
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I’ll ask her Barry,
Hi Tinks!!
Ummmm - she just feels she isn’t contributing tho I know exactly what you mean. I’m not working at the moment but I do absolutely everything household wise in this house , including absolutely all decorating, all garden etc so I probably ‘work’ more hours than OH lol.

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Benefits Confusion

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