Finding My Mothers National Insurance Number

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cris r | 19:58 Wed 21st Oct 2020 | Business & Finance
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Hi I seem to be going around in circles so I’m hoping someone can help. My mother is ninety and I’m trying to sort her tv licence and a blue badge. They want her national insurance number but I seem to be going around in circles trying to find it. If I get in touch social security they send me to direct gov online but I don’t have the information they require. My mother does not have any paper work anymore . Anyone have any idea where else I could look. Many thanks


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Do's she have no pension letters?
If your mother gets a Retirement Pension her number may be on her bank statement. Letters will be sent to her a few times each year.
If she receives a pension her NI number will be on there. The form I gave a link for only asks for current address, dob etc then you have to send two forms of identity.

This sounds a bit fishy to me to be honest.
How is her State Pension paid? If it's direct into her bank, her National Insurance number should appear on her bank statement. (It certainly does on mine, where the relevant credit is shown in the form of "Received From AB123456YZ Dwp SP")
I have never been asked for my national insurance number for a tv licence and when I got my mother a blue badge, they never asked for it either. Are you sure you are on the right websites for this.
I have a TV licence and do not have a National Insurance number
There is nothing suspicious about needing an NI Number.

Folk who previously qualified for a free tv licence because they are seventy-five or older, now need to be in receipt of Pension Credit when then next apply for a free licence.

TV Licensing need the NI Number so they can obtain the confirmation about the Pension Credit.

Regarding the Blue Badge, folk in receipt of certain benefits qualify for a badge automatically and again, the NI Number is needed to confirm that receipt.
// There is nothing suspicious about needing an NI Number.//

oh yes there can be.......I am not saying this applies to the OP but there have been cases of 'wrong-uns' setting up accounts in their fraile relatives names for all sorts of nefarious purposes. NI number can get you all sorts of official documents including HMRC access on line to your pension and benefit details.
I was responding to the posts stating they had not needed to provide an NI Number before and your, "This sounds a bit fishy to me." comment.

I gave the reasons for needing the NI Number in the specific circumstances quoted in the OP and I was not generalizing.

Regarding the use of an NI Number to access HMRC account and obtain personal information, the NI Number alone would not be sufficient to set up or access an HMRC account.

Regaring the information in the personal tax account, the guidance says it can be used to:

•check your Income Tax estimate and tax code
•fill in, send and view a personal tax return
•claim a tax refund
•check and manage your tax credits
•check your State Pension
•track tax forms that you’ve submitted online
•check or update your Marriage Allowance
•tell HMRC about a change of address
•check or update benefits you get from work, for example company car details and medical insurance
•find your National Insurance number

Other than State Pension, no mention of any other State benefits.
Thecorbyloon If you have someone's NI number, know their dob know where they live you can access all sorts of info. As I go on the HMRC site at least once a month I'm quite aware of what you can access, and that includes benefits such as Tax credits Child tax credits NI contributions and Pensions. You can change the bank account details to get your pension paid into another account for instance. The OP has not returned to reply - that speaks volumes to me.
What process do you need to go through to access the HMRC account?
// What process do you need to go through to access the HMRC account?//

I should have added that they will send you an access number by post before you can access all your data.

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Finding My Mothers National Insurance Number

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