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hannah40 | 07:22 Sun 11th Oct 2020 | Business & Finance
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My friend let’s her room out to a single lady and the council pay her rent.
Do you know if she needs to tell her HOuse content insurance company that she has a lodger or does it not matter?
Also her lodger has a bike and my friend doesn’t have any room in her shed for the bike and the bike was locked up but has been stolen the lodger is trying to claim off my friend but my friend doesn’t have bike cover on her insurance. Do lodgers have rights?


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yes she should tell them, if she doesn't and the find out following a claim they'll probably use it as an excuse to not pay out.
Good info here

Lodgers do have rights but she could have insured the bicycle herself, there are policies that insure cycle against theft, accidental damage and personal accident and public liability. It could be argued that she should have insured it herself or at least offered to pay the difference on the landlady's insurance policy for bicycle cover
no it sounds as tho the lodger will soon be an ex-splodger
barry has a good URL
but this is all a bit post facto

The landlords contents are affected because there a risk that the lodge will steal them ( NOT unknown by the way)

the landlords insurance will NOT cover the splodger because the landlord cannot minimize risk but she could buy it in but hasnt or else you wdnt be posting

as a student in rented accommodation it was not possible to get contents insurance for rented accommodation ( altho some did)

Do not pass it off as the landlords - that is clear " gaining a doo dah by false representation within an intention to do so " - try to claim as the splodgers and watch them say - nothing to do with us

oh and - - " I have a ju-ju I want to claim for - - - OK I wont then" MAY count as a refused claim which counts against future insurance claims

Have fun

splodger is trying it on and want a new bike for no outlay
gaining a doo dah is s2 of the Fraud Act 2006 - NJ may fill in the long words if he isnt pouting
// yes she should tell them, if she doesn't and the find out following a claim they'll probably use it as an excuse to not pay out.//

more than that - clearly fraud
insurance companies have no sense of humour
PP, nowhere does the post say that the lodger is a student but in any case lodgers (including students) can insure their personal possessions.

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