Job Seekers Allowance

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malagabob | 11:00 Thu 13th Aug 2020 | Business & Finance
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Asking for a friend. Never worked since leaving school. No savings. Actively seeking work.Can they claim any type of allowance.


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They can use a calculator here to see what benefit they may be entitled to, not enough details in your post.;utm_campaign=GovUK

Do they live alone or as part of a household (and than include a shared flat shared with friends), as the income of others can be taken into account
What have they been living on to date?
"Actively seeking work"....they will have to show evidence that they are doing so.
sherrardk, I am assuming he or she has been living with a spouse or partner who has financially supported him or her. Or has just come out of prison or hospital or other institution.
Unless your friend is severely disabled he or she would have to claim for Universal Credit. Must not have savings above £16k, including partner's savings if applicable. Partner's income is also taken in to account.
As has been indicated, your friend isn't eligible for JSA (unless you've forgotten to tell us about any disability issues he/she might have):

If he/she lives with a partner who's in work (other than with only very low earnings, e.g. from working just a few hours per week), it's unlikely that he/she will qualify for Universal Credit either, as the means-testing system looks at the combined incomes of such couples, rather than at individual incomes.

However if he/she lives alone then it's likely that he/she will qualify for Universal Credit.

The rule is "If in doubt, apply!". As long as the application is entirely truthful, there's absolutely nothing to be lost by having a go!

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Job Seekers Allowance

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