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newbie99 | 01:20 Mon 20th Apr 2020 | Business & Finance
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My credit card has been fraudulently used by someone to purchase food ok n Just Eat.
Could someone please confirm what card details do fraudster need to make transaction?
Do they just need my card number and the number on the back of the card as well?
How likely I will get this disputed with the card company?


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Usually they'd need your card number, its expiry date and the CVC from the back of the card. However I'm not always required to provide the CVC when making some online or phone transactions.
Some, but not all, takeaway establishments ask to see the debit/credit card used to place the order. Quote: "5.4. Card payments: If you pay by credit or debit card, you may be required to show the card to the Restaurant at the time of delivery or collection as proof of identification and so that they can check that the card corresponds with the receipt data for the Order". (Source: )
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A very dodgy company! I would expect Just Eat will require registration if the customer address and credit card details.
So effectively, just eat will allow anyone to place an order with card number and transaction will be accepted.
Possibly just an accidental error. Someone once used my card number to pay a mortgage isntalment over the phone. Obviously not deliberate as it naturally gave her name and address; somebody misheard or misread. Or it's even possible the credit card company has got it wrong on your statement

Alternatively, if someone has got hold of your PIN or something, the Just Eat food may just be a test before they make some bigger purchases. I'd call the card company asap and notify them. (They may need to cancel your card and issue a new one, depending what they find.)
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Jno, yes I was alerted by the card company that they have declined a larger transaction. I am the fraud detection works. I checked my online transaction details and discovered Just Eat transaction was not made by me. I don't order takeaway.
Card is blocked now.
I think I know which shop has taken my card details. A CCTV was pointing at the card machine.

I think
I had this happen about 4 years ago with that company. JE spotted the transactions. I spent about £150 on takeaway food all over the country. JE refunded all the money but it was a world of pain at the time.
I have had details stolen a couple of times. Apparently what can be done is that the thief runs a computer program that makes many many purchases all at once from randomly generated sets of numbers...kind of the same as the phone programs that just ring loads of random numbers till someone answers. Once a small purchase is allowed, that number is tagged as a live number and the thief either sells it or uses it. This is why companies are now using stuff like captcha.

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