Personal Debt Recovery - Part 2. Fao Buenchico

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LDC13413 | 12:28 Sat 07th Mar 2020 | Business & Finance
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Hi Buenchico
You may recall, you were really helpful on my original post and so I wanted to get back in touch with you - or anyone else who can offer advice.
Here's an update, since the 14 days have now passed and I have not heard anything back from either of the letters sent ... I have gone back onto the MCOL website, I have already requested a Judgement back in June 2019 so I have now requested a Warrant and added the £77 charge onto the debt owed. Do I need to do anything else? Are you able to explain to me what might happen next? Thank you again for all your assistance with this.


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This is a link to your original question - saves folk having to look for it
LDC I see you are new to this site so just to let you know BC is very good at picking up on posts but it may take a little while.
Who was the June 2019 CCJ against? Was it 'Spinnaker Lodge Limited' or was it 'Carol Were'. If it was the former, it remains valid. If it was the latter, then it can have no validity as Ms Were is not responsible for the debts of her company.

The warrant of control gives court enforcement agents the right to take goods from the company's business. However it has to be admitted that they might find difficulty in tracing such assets (because the business is no longer in operation).

This might be relevant:
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Thank you Wolf63 for the link. And many thanks again Buenchico for replying. The CCJ was raised against Carol Were so I guess that's now pointless and not getting me anywhere! The actual premises have now been converted from a care home to private housing so I guess there are no assets to be gained from there. Is there anything else I can do?
The letter which I sent to Companies House will presumably stay on record so she can't dissolve the company (I didn't hear back from them although I didn't expect to either) and I also haven't heard back from the registered company address. I am at a loss what to do now! Many thanks in advance for all your assistance everyone

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Personal Debt Recovery - Part 2. Fao Buenchico

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