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jonah hart | 23:38 Wed 19th Feb 2020 | Business & Finance
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Since losing my job, ive tried earning money on Ebay.
So for every item i sell Ebay take 85p and now ive just got a invoice from Ebay saying i owe £148 just for one month of ebaying! That's more than ive even sold, how can this be right?
Can anyone give advice on this pleasex


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For you to owe Ebay £148 in one month means that you must have made over 170 transactions if you were being charged 85p for every item sold. Something doesn't add up here.
Could it be the final value fee? That is 10% of the overall selling price including postage. PayPal fees? 3.4% + 20p each transaction or Not that it really matters.
They are different. Are you a store front or just an individual?
Are you paying for an enhancement?
1. You pay to list your item.
2. Enhancing your listing incurs a charge.
3, They will take a cut of your selling price.
Your post doesn't really make sense because there's no eBay charging system where you pay a flat rate of 85p per sale (other, posibly, than if you're only selling items woth £8.50).

Does eBay see you as a private seller or as a business seller? There are different fee structures for each. See here
and here
(If you can explain whee you think the 85p figure comes from, we might be able to spot where any additional fees are bein racked up).

One more thought:
Are you absolutely sure that the email you've received actually comes from eBay? It might well be a spoof email, trying to trick you into paying money into a fraudster's acount. Do NOT click on any links in the email. Instead, go directly to your eBay account and look at the information there. If you genuinely owe the money, there should be a detailed breakdown of how the total was arrived at. If there's nothing there to indicate that you owe the amount, simply delete the email.
Before you list look at the listing charge at the end. Ebay have lots of sneaky ways of adding charges on.
I'm with Buenchico on this - been buying and selling on E Bay for years and reckon this must be a phishing scam, please be careful.
Just log onto ebay and have a look at the invoice breakdown. If the ebay fee is for £148 it must include other things like listing fees, special boost/enhanced listings promotion. That would only add up though if you've listed loads of fairly expensive things but only sold a few less expensive ones given that you say your sales add up to less than £148

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