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JohnC1 | 22:37 Sun 05th Jan 2020 | Business & Finance
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Which tech company lost most value post IPO ? Uber , Lyft or Peloton ? This is hard to find accurately .
Thanks so much for earlier help tonight .


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Peloton's share were offered at $27.00 in the IPO, valuing the business at $7.2bn. The lowest they fell to after that was $21.08, knocking $1.58bn off the company's value.

Uber's shares were offered at $45, valuing the business at $82.4bn. They then fell to a low point of $25.99, reducing the company's valuation by $34.81bn at that point.

Lyft entered the market at $82.4 per share, valuing the firm at $24.3bn. They later reached a low point of $38.20, knocking $13.03bn off the firm's valuation.

So your answer would seem to be Uber.
Do they mean 'value' in terms of percentage fall, or in monetary terms?
^^^ I struggled with that too, Brainiac. As the question is worded though ("lost most value", rather than "lost the biggest proportion of its value"), I think that my answer above is correct.

However if JohnC1 wants the percentage figures for the share prices of Peloton, Uber and Lyft, respectively, they're -22%, -40% and -54%.

It's also not clear at what point the market value should assessed. I've assumed at the lowest point post-IPO but the question might refer to the biggest loss on, say, the opening day of trading.

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