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pumpjack | 10:25 Mon 09th Dec 2019 | Business & Finance
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my x wife had friend staying , this friend stole money etc on everyone inc her 2 sons and their friend, large amount approx 2-3k.
it has since transpired that this girl has done some online fraud, ive messaged her to come clean and she has sent me back saying sorry she has only done capital one.
now she has went quiet.

anyway, how would i know what kind of credit she has gotten in my x wifes name ?
is there some company that can do a search etc ?



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Cancel all stolen cards, report it to the banks & the police. Check bank & credit card accounts daily for unusual activity & report any that occur.
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she doesnt want go to police, the girls mum has paid back money to her allready.

They probably wouldn't do much anyway!
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" They probably wouldn't do much anyway! "

you are dead right , its a bloody joke !!! called fraud team capital one , told investigation finished and my xwife is responsible .

this tramp stayed in her home, stole her ID and ordered onstride cards and capital one, god knows what else, wife had 2k housing arrears of which this girl was meant to be going to pay every week at Post office, transires she took that too .
i have screen shots of her admitting fault and still fraud team couldnt care less.
i made report to FCA i think it was so we will wait for the outcome.


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