Are There Any American Foods Distributor From Us To Europe?

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genntsh | 13:42 Wed 12th Jun 2019 | Business & Finance
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I am currently in the process of opening an American foods market (snacks, candy, sauces etc) in Europe, but i can t seem to find a major distributor of these products from US (which i can get mostly from one place).

Any information or help would be greatly appreciated.


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if you are already in the process, I would have thought you might have done your homework before deciding if it was a good plan or not. Never mind. When you say you are opening a market, what do you mean? An actual market stall?
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Thank you for the answer.

What i meant is that i am in the "homework process" thus requiring these information.

Morelike a small grocery store oriented with American products (My little America).

I hope i was clear.
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Hi Jno,

Thank you for your answer.

Although i am looking to buy directly from US distributors.

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Are There Any American Foods Distributor From Us To Europe?

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