Bae/marconi Shares Merger

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David H | 18:15 Mon 25th Feb 2019 | Business & Finance
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I am my late father's executor, and he had Marconi shares sold in 2003 converted from GEC, and also a British Aerospace certificate from 1999 replacing the GEC one when it took them over, along with Marconi.

The Marconi shares are represented in a 2003 certificate of sale so accounted for, while the brokers believe the BAE certificate became Marconi so was superseded and now void.

As both companies still exist is it certain the BAE certificate is obsolete or is there a chance both were separate investments (although there is no subsequent paperwork on BAE since 1999 which is a clue)?


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Sounds strange to my inexpert ears. BAe shares are still traded so I'd doubt that the certificate is obsolete, unless you also have another certificate and documentation explaining some swop.
Was it cashed in, in 1999 ?
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I've been investigating, the Marconi shares were cashed in in 2003, however the 1999 certificate is for British Aerospace which became BAe Systems on its merger. I think they are one and the same, and have contacted the registrars who appear to be the only people who can confirm this. If they said BAe instead it would be pretty clear, but the old name does imply they are now obsolete.

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Bae/marconi Shares Merger

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