Need A P60 And / Or P45

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eve1974 | 14:23 Tue 12th Feb 2019 | Business & Finance
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The (small limited) company that my husband and I owned has been sold and we need to look for new work. Desperately. Sooner he better as need to earn a wage!!

I guess we need a P60 or P45 do to so?

The company as sold 1 Feb 2019 (2 weeks ago)

We have our P60 from April 2018.

What do we do? How do we get a new copy or a P45? The accountants that used to deal with our tax stuff no longer work with us, (as the company is sold etc).

Who / which dept do I ring at HMRC? What do I ask for please?

Long story short - we sold it for a pittance and despite the fact we were supposed to stay on an work for the new owner the relationship very quickly broke down so we won't be able to ask him to get his new company accountant to give. us one.

WE have our P60 from last year


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You won't gett A P60 until the end of the current tax year. If you can't provide a P45 your new employer will ask you to complete a P46.
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That is perfect ! Seems much simpler than I feared!

Thank you I've never even heard of a p46! So I presume this is just a form that any employer sends back to HMRC and they (HMRC) find my previous tax details and send off? Am I allowed to send off a P46 myself ? Like before Im employed even?
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ah just seen not as easy after all. P46 no longer used but instead there is a starter checklist that the employer fills out....

Can I do this myself I wonder?

I see from looking at the GOV.UK website that the P60 has been replaced by something called a Starter Checklist. You can see it here:

The Starter Checklist has to be completed when a new starter does not have a P45. The new employer should provide the form. You return the completed form to the employer. The employer will use this to inform HMRC.

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Ty - I finally got thru to HMRC and they said pretty much same as you found out online. Ty EdmunD!

Glad to be of help.
You will probably be on emergency tax initially (20% with no allowance applied, until sorted). However come the new tax year in early April, you would be taxed as normal.
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thanks everyone - yeah I called HMRC and spoke to a lady who advised similar to what you've all said - :)

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Need A P60 And / Or P45

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