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cris r | 20:42 Mon 12th Nov 2018 | Business & Finance
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Hi could anyone help with information on registering for CIS my husband at the grand old age of 63 has recently gone self employed his boss deducts his tax. But he has been told he needs to registere for CIS he phoned the tax office up and was told it would be quicker to do it online he went on to direct gov and you would think it would be simple but he is finding it hard he no patience and is not savvy with computers at all. I am looking for a simple step by step guide at what to look for ( word wise )on the site. Every page that he is directed to makes no mention of CIS or the form that he has to fill in He does have a unique ref code and I have registered him with Direct gov but we seem to be going around in circles and he is getting very agitated. Much appreciated if you can help. I have just left him filling out the form that I managed to down load.


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Click on "how to register"
Your husband needs to register as self employed and register for self assessment and he will need a trading name. 'joe bloggs builder/plumber ect will do.
He will be given a UTR number which will be unique to his business and also you will be given a code to access his account online through the government gateway. They will send you log on details by mail which will take about 5 working days.
Once you can log onto your account you can register for CIS. Once your OH is registered with CIS he will get a number which he will have to give to his sub-contractor (boss) Your OH will get tax taken off at source and at the end of the tax year when he fills in his self assessment return he will have to fill in the box to show how much Tax has been taken off -this is usually 20% of his gross pay. He will more than likely get a tax refund. If you are new to this it may be worth getting the advice of an accountant in filling in your first return as it can be complicated.
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Registering For Cis

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