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yrneh1938 | 21:07 Thu 08th Nov 2018 | Business & Finance
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got my bank statement to day
78 pounds was taken from my account
some times i buy on internet pay by pay pal
phoned pay pal they told me last item i bought in august was 5 pounds 78 pounds was taken out of my account in october
if i go to my bank will i be refunded


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When I've had money fraudulently taken from my account I've had no problem getting it refunded.

However are you absolutely sure that it's not a payment that you actually made myself? I got a credit card statement showing a payment that I didn't recall making (as I'd no recollection of using that card at all for several years). When I phoned the card company, the Asian call handler kept insisting that I'd made a payment to "Charlie Roy", which meant nothing to me. It was quite some time before I remembered that I'd found that I couldn't use cash when buying bus and train tickets at Charleroi Airport ;-)
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ta for nice info
the transaction on my .statement
paypal george. it said
im 100 pc sure i did not buy an item for 78 pounds
It looks suspiciously like an Amazon Prime payment. Damned nuisance trap if you are not aware.
Don't tell the bank that you suspect will take ages to investigate. Tell them that you want to dispute the transaction you did not authorise and reverse the payment. Ask them to get the money back using "chargeback" rules.
(With thanks to info in yesterday's Money Mail).
BTW....the " George" will probably be Asda's George section....sure you didn't get something from them?
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as far as george is concerned never been in their shops
When my bank took money out of my account to pay for a purchase I never made I had it refunded. My disagreement was the claim by the bank that someone had stolen from me, when my argument was that the bank was the entity that had stolen from my account to pay someone who had fooled and subsequently stolen from them. I was obliged to report the issue to the police when it was clearly their job as it was they who had been stolen from. The police were weird too. Asked me at the end if I really wanted to go ahead !!! Oh no I thought I'd waste my blessed time reporting the bank's theft to them on their behalf for a laugh. I'd much rather lose the money and suffer the abuse instead !
Anyway you may not have been hacked. Banks seem to settle any demand for money if the sort code and account number seem legit. Was something about it on Moneybox a time ago. No idea if it's changed since; wouldn't bank on it.
^^^which is why, from next summer, banks will have to check that the name you enter actually matches the name on the account....called "Confirmation of Payee" service.
It's worth remembering that many online traders use Paypal to process debit card transactions. (Their customers don't need to have a Paypal account; if they have, any such transactions won't show on their Paypal accounts).

So you might have used your debit card to buy something from a website (using your debit card), with the trader simply using Paypal to process the transaction.

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