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Morrisonker | 00:21 Fri 04th Nov 2005 | Business & Finance
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As predicted, my estimated reading for my electric bill was about �50 out and I'm required to pay it by next week. I want to give them the actual reading so I don't have to pay the full amount but I'm only getting a recorded message on the phone, no matter what time I call. Is there anyway of speaking to a real person or is it just a case of waiting? I'm with Scottish Hydro by the way.


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Write a letter of complaint about the c**p service you get when trying to ring them.

I did, I tried to phone British Gas 4 times, never actually got to speak to anyone but ran up my phone bill due to being on hold for a total of 3 1/2 hours. They phoned me back pretty soon after receiving my letter (which was actually typed whilst on hold to them)!

The Scootish Hydro site says, in relation to estimated bills "If there is a big difference we will amend it for you". That quote is from this page: terReadings.aspx

Use the 'click here' link, on that page, for instructions on how to submit your correct meter reading.

On the back of the bill is a "reading" section. Fill it in and send it back, they will send a new bill.
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Just to correct what mdoo98 says: You're NOT paying to phone Scottish Hydro with your correct meter reading. It's a freephone number with an easy-to-use fully automated service. It's a perfect example of excellent, efficient customer service so stop knocking them!

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thannks guys, I finally got through the other day and they're sending me another updated bill. The phone line was free though, thank goodness!

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Estimated Electricty bill

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