Identity Fraud Or Something Else?

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CheekyChops | 18:25 Mon 14th May 2018 | Business & Finance
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A few weeks ago, I came home to 3 items of post, all addressed to me but all spelling my christian name incorrectly, missing the same letter out if it. It's a normal name, not one of these that can have an alternative spelling - think Elizabeth but spelt Elizabeh.

One was a sim card, one was signing me up to some online football management game and the third was a copy of a lonley planet city guide. None wanted any payment or sent an invoice so I just thought it was a bit odd and chucked them away.

Today I come home and find a letter thanking me for subscribing to a magazine. Again, my christian name is spelt wrongly with the same letter missing. This time there is a direct debit mandate on the back, pre-completed with an account number and sort code that used to be mine but which has been closed for 8 years now. Where they have had these details from I have no idea.

My question is, do you think this is an attempt at identity fraud? If so, what can I do about it? I have obviously cancelled the magazine subscription but what else is coming, I have no idea!! I have checked my credit files and all seems in order.


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I`d probably start by contacting the bank where the defunct account was and see if they can shed any light. You can at least tell them that the account appears to be fraudulent.
It's a pity that you destroyed the first three items.
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I know, I left it a couple of weeks then nothing else came so I put them in the recycling. I'll save this one though, just in case anything else comes. Very odd where they have had my obsolete bank details from though.
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You can't be too careful these days. You say "in the recycling" - does this mean you have a paper shredder? If not, you must get one, and one which shreds credit cards too.

Also, if not already, you need to sign up with one of the credit agencies who will inform you of anything unusual, such as a new account being opened in your name, all credit checks done by third parties, etc. If you recognise these "alerts", all is well. If not, you're ahead of the game.
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Yes I'm signed up with Clearscore, Noddle and Equifax already and there is nothing dodgy on there (yet!). It just threw me when I saw the DD on the latest letter because as I said, that account was closed about 8 years ago so its a complete mystery a) where they have had the account number from and b) why they have waited so long to use it!
I can help you in this matter as I'm working on fraud prevention with a magazine subscription management software.

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Identity Fraud Or Something Else?

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