Uk Bank Account For Non Residents

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ro2124 | 20:36 Thu 19th Oct 2017 | Business & Finance
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Anyone know anything about UK Banks who cater for non UK residents?
some years ago it was fairly easy one could use one of the UK Banks based in Jersey, but those days are gone, now they want ridiculous amount of deposit, so is mainly catering for rich people now. I guess.
Thought maybe one of these new online only banks might be more flexible but not sure how safe they are and as far as I know also one has to be UK resident.


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ring em up and ask

the usual answer is - "oo no- money luandering blah blah blah" and then the clerk has an excuse to do absolutely nothing besides polish his bottom on a eather chair

new ML regs coming in in 2017 to make our life even more hell
Ro2124, I think this is the future of banking so maybe worth looking into.

well it could be

go onto - and read below - Join Now

( not a bank and needs residency quals)
so as the average Aber would say - - - another problem solved !
I can only find two
Barclays International and HSBC , both are for the wealthy.
The Barclays one is run by Barclays Wealth Management
My understanding is that the UK has been selling non-domiciled residency permits together with the tax freedom that goes with that for around £35,000. Hyper rich people have made use of this service and put their wealth through the UK banking system - no money laundering issues there. Meanwhile, when a parent gives his/her child £2000 a humiliating process demanding identification, proof of relationship, justification, affidavit, etc., etc. may ensue. To paraphrase the common refrain: Only in the UK.
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Yeah thats what I thought, bloody hopeless.
UK is for the rich, no rules for them. Well only good thing with UK accounts current accounts at
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.......Current accounts are usually free I'm with a bank in Europe at the moment and they charge for every bloody thing, very irritating, but they are more flexible in other things than UK banks not so much mindless bureaucracy.

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Uk Bank Account For Non Residents

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