She forged his signature on loan!

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jadzia | 14:47 Thu 22nd Sep 2005 | Business & Finance
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When my husband & his ex-wife were still together she took out a loan, which my husband didn't know about. She sent out the loan application in his name & she signed it in her version of his signature. (She didn't meet the payments that were due on the loan). When they split up he carried on paying everything, because they had a child together & he didn't want to make it harder for his ex. She finally gave him the paperwork regarding the various bills, loans etc. He then noticed two loan agreements to one company, he knew about one loan to this company which he taken out, but not about the other. Only one had been sighed by him, she had forged his signature on the other. It was completely different in everyway to his signature (he is left handed & she is right handed). The problem being, we have been paying it but the loan company have now sold the debt as it has been going on a while & the new company keep putting up the payments all the time & they are now at an amount which we have no chance of paying. I have told the company that feeding my two children comes first & we can't afford the high payments. They are now threatining court action & they constantly phone us demanding payment, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day! Is there anything we can do?


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I hate answering this with 'go and see a solicitor' but in the circumstances I would.

You could speak with the CAB but they would probably be concerned about the fact the loan was fraudently obtained.

I would however, write to the loan company and explain everything.  You obviously have proof that the signature is not your husbands and that you paid it in good faith until such as you had the proof it was not his loan.

You need to act quickly and positively to ensure this does not get out of hand.  Unfortunately, unless your husband is willing to continue paying for the loan it will be passed back to his ex and she will need to find the money which it sounds like she hasnt got.

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Thank you for your reply!

My husband's ex can afford to pay the loan that is the annoying thing about it!

She has just claimed on the equity of our home (their former matrimonial home) that was in negative-equity when she left in 1999, & after claiming housing benefit since then by telling the council that she had no financial interest in the property because of the negative equity! 

She even got my husband to sign a council form confirming that she had no financial interest in the house, so she could get the housing benefit!

She also had solicitors letters sent saying she wanted nothing to do with the property & wanted her name removing from it. Which we couldn't do then because of the debts they had & she left for us to pay.

We finally got to the point where we'd be able to get her name off as agreed & she decides 6 years later to claim on the property (now that there was equity in the property) forcing us to remortgage our home in order to give her well over �10,000. Trippling our mortgage in the process! (not to mention the solicitors cost's)

She certainly knew what she was doing!

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She forged his signature on loan!

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