Transfer of Equity signed

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axlef | 11:47 Thu 22nd Sep 2005 | Business & Finance
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My Husband and I are in the process of divorcing which will be finalised within the month. I took the marital home over in December when he signed a transfer of equity document enabling me to arrange a new mortgage and take the property on.Since then I have decided to sell the house which is in my sole name and he is requesting I give him �10,000 despite the fact that this is now my property and he never paid anything to the house in the first place.No registration of interest was ever filed by him to the land registry and the property is not mentioned in the divorce, does he have the right to take this money ? thanks


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On the face of it no.  Maybe it would have been wiser to wait for the divorce to have been finalised before selling the property because he may not continue with the final paperwork until this is sorted.

You obviously have a solicitor, I would ask their advice before going through with a sale.

Hi axlef
I dont know if you will see this question or not, but i am just browsing thru some old questions on the site. I am in a similar dilema to yourself, altho me and my ex were not married. I bought the property off him, new mortgage in my name, paid him some monies. he is now trying to register a notice on the property at the land registry which i am fighting. how did yours end up, did u end up having to pay him any money, i really hope not.jeni
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Hi Jaycee,
No I didn't end up paying him, took advice and he didn't have a leg to stand on. Can't see that he can register yours if he has had monies also, good luck

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Transfer of Equity signed

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