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maclarencat | 11:34 Tue 11th Aug 2015 | Business & Finance
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My grandson was out one night and pulled up at some traffic lights. The car in front was a friend of his and he reversed back into my grandson (18year olds think this is funny) My grandson retaliated by pulling forward into the back of him. There was no damage just 2 boys being stupid. Shortly afterwards a no win no fee company rang the other boy about "the accident he had been involved in" he saw pounds signs and gave them details omitting the fact he had reversed into my grandson. They told him he could be entitled to compensation and they would handle everything. The first we knew about it was a phone call from my grandsons insurers saying a claim had been lodged. Obviously as there had been no damage we explained the situation. Moving forward 6 months no action has been taken by the no win no fee company , insurers sent an investigator to see grandson and examined his car (no damage) and said they were happy with what he was telling them and would fight the case for him , 18months down the line and this is still not resolved. Needless to say they are no longer friends but what is most annoying is that when my grandson came to insurer his car again he had lost his no claims bonus as there was a pending claim. The other boy because he went through this solicitor not his insurers has not lost his no claims. This feels very unfair. My grandson has been told (by his insurers) that his only recall is to take his ex friend to court for damages but as the case is still pending he cannot do that. Just needed to vent my spleen!!


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well this insurance inquiry has ignited imaginations !

The question is about intentiomal damage and whether it is insured ( criminal acts are insurable but are this is not really the case here )

[ the story of the mini taking the parking space of a rolls and the fella saying 'ya gotta big quick to do that ' and the roller driver going bang! bang ! bang ! as he reversed too and fro to make a prking space and getting out and saying 'ya gotta be rich to do that ' 1970s]

DID go to the HIgh Court ( he rolled up all the claims and sent it off to his insurance co who refused to pay ) - if anyone had the case citn I wd be grateful

so this is more of the lesson of a type - if silly boys play silly games they have to pay silly amounts of money

either they go bankrupt or they learn eventually this valuable life lesson

[ my brother used to do this sort of thing and towards the end of the a long learning curve we were at our wits end - he wasnt he didnt have any ]

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