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Misstee | 14:19 Sun 08th Feb 2015 | Business & Finance
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Can anyone give me details of any charities that collect used postage stamps, please. The one I used to send them too no longer collects them and I have a large envelope full that may be of use to another organisation. Thanks.


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I take them to my local library
Most charity shops will accept them if you live in town.
As far as I know,this lovely lady is still happy to receive stamps.
Cats protection would also be very grateful
I have left a message for quizmouse and hopefully she will respond,either on this thread of today in Business & Finance or the old thread I linked to.

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Thanks everyone for responses so far. I will check with all the organisations mentioned and any that are happy to accept the stamps, I will put into a hat and draw one out. I think that's the most fair way to do things.
Mamyalynne - I posted a response on the link you sent so hopefully will hear back from Quizmouse as well.
That's fine, as long as you're going to deliver them by hand.

If you can find a local stamp shop that sells "kiloware" (unsorted stamps on paper), or an on-line advertisement for the same stuff, and you compare the selling price with the cost of even 2nd class postage, you'll realise that POSTING used stamps to a charity is a complete waste. They'll do far better if you put the stamps in your waste paper, and send them a donation of the amount that you'd have spent on posting them.
The university used to collect for the Mountain Rescue Team in Snowdonia.
I am still collecting them, they are taken each year to the donkey sanctuary who are always very grateful, the funds raised helps to fund care food etc for the rescue donkeys. You can send them to me Diane, 3 Lark Rise, Hardwick Cambridge CB23 7XZ. anywhere is better than disposing of them.

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