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BlackadderV | 05:20 Sat 06th Dec 2014 | Business & Finance
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Have just received this email timed at 11.50 yesterday. My online account is working fine as I have just made a transaction.

We're writing to let you know that your online account has been temporarily suspended due to recent access to your account from an unknown IP address.

Please click on the following link:

Unlock your account.

Thank you.
H. S. B. C.


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I know I said I have my eye on you.
But it weren't me,,Promise :-).
Yes, it's an attempt to try to persuade you to click on a website that will then attempt to steal your log in details.
If that is what you are asking.
Yes it is a scam delete without opening it.
I think there is a blanket warning on such e-mails. Never click on a link in an unexpected e-mail.

Even be wary of spam from companies you have bought from (maybe be especially wary since such a coincidence increases trust).

If one needs to investigate to put one's mind at ease type in the known to be correct web address directly, copy nothing from the e-mail nor click on it.
For some out there, this is the start,



Forward the offending email to [email protected] This is what HSBC advised me to do.
They're doing the rounds, I had a fake PayPal one a weel or so back.
I even had a 'Ben Stone'(odd name for a resident of ?Calcutta?) phone my landline from Microsoft yesterday asking to speak to the person who uses my computer.
Er.....that would be me.
Oddly, been appeared a little irked as I bade him goodbye after 10 seconds......
Blimey, what am I typing? Week not weel and Ben in the last paragraph, not been.

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