Hsbc Scam?

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roopower | 14:25 Sat 18th Oct 2014 | Business & Finance
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I've had a very suspicious e-mail purporting to come from HSBC, asking me to confirm my details. I don't deal with them at all and in one place it says 'hsbe'. I'd like to forward the e-mail to HSBC, does anyone know where I can send it to, please?


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Forward the e-mail to [email protected]
14:27 Sat 18th Oct 2014
I've had the same from both Barclays (I've never had an a/c with them) and also, Lloyds TSB(I've never had an account with them either. It's a 100% scam. DELETE !!!
Forward the e-mail to

[email protected]
1. Do not open any attachments or click on any links

2. Forward the e-mail to: [email protected]

3. Delete the e-mail

emeritus and mac - do you have the email adds for Lloyds/tsb and Barclays too? Please. Thank you
Lloyds is
[email protected]
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Thank you for your replies, I had no intention of opening the e-mail! It's on it's way to HSBC now. Thanks again.
Thanks emeritus xx
Barclays is

[email protected]
I had one of these yesterday. These scammers are a pretty ignorant lot - it referred to my account with LloydsTSB which of course no longer exists, it having been split into two banks many months ago.
Thanks again. You are a star emeritus xx

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Hsbc Scam?

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