Old Wonga Customer - Can I Claim Anything?

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Iggle Piggle | 07:29 Sun 05th Oct 2014 | Business & Finance
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I had a Wonga loan last year. They allowed me to roll it over 2 months, could I claim anything back now? I'll ask Wonga for a DSAR, maybe I'll go to one of these claim companies...


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Difficult to say

SOme of the news items said you would have a claim
Always worth a try Iggle. Good luck.
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Cheers guys, I'll go for it, watch this space. I'm feeling lucky, I recently won back £500 from a section 75 claim on my credit card and £400 from a PPI policy.

I was joking about going to a claim company, I do all my own letters.
I don't understand - surely they were doing you a favour letting you roll it over - i presume they didn't have to?

it was my understanding from the news stories that if you wouldn't have fitted the affordability criteria that they have now, they are writing off the loan, but will contact you, and in some cases they are freezing interest.
Having said that, i suppose there is no harm in trying!

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Old Wonga Customer - Can I Claim Anything?

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