Is Trafford Anything To Do With United Utilities?

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ytsrik1978 | 14:10 Sat 15th Mar 2014 | Business & Finance
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Friend had a bang on the door man said they were from united utilities but the had a trafford badge are they from united utilities or are they a burgler or something?


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Googling shows no obvious connection. (e.g, searching for the word 'trafford' solely on the United Utilities website brings up nothing of relevance).

However that might not be any cause for concern. Many organisations subcontract work out these days. For example, if I stop you on part of the National Cycle Network and invite you to answer some questions, I'll tell you (correctly) that I'm conducting the survey on behalf of the charity Sustrans. However my ID badge will say (correctly) that I'm actually working for a firm called CTS. That work is on a self-employed basis, so if you look at the sign in the window of my car it will say 'Surveast Anglia', which is my own trading name. Despite three different names, it's all perfectly legitimate!
If they are genuine then they should not mind if you say you want to check with the company.

If they do mind they are either fake or fed-up being checked!
Your friend is right to be wary. It could have been a bugler. The problem with asking for ID is that it's not easy to assess whether it's the right ID. If they want to come in your house then I would not let them in unless they had come in a clearly marked UU van and had some UU ID
Factor, had it been a bugler I think the householder would have heard them coming....
Ignore me, EcclesCake- my attempts at humour usually fall flat
I know I've been wary before now with British Gas meter checks as they subcontract them out, G4S I think it was and at least I know of them as a security firm and they didn't have to come into the actual house as such as the electric meter is outside and gas one right inside the front door.

They are usually pretty good at explaining who they are though, showing ID etc...

Is all it said "Trafford"? Like a company name or could it have been tied to the area (eg in Manchester)?

You are right to be cautious though and they should respect that.
I would expect it to say Warrington - not exactly the center of the workd.

cute post code - WA55 1AQ

most likely a bugler ba-bar ba-paaaar !

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Is Trafford Anything To Do With United Utilities?

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